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Learn How to Clean & Disassemble the Taylor C712

We understand that disassembling and cleaning your Taylor C712 (or any piece of equipment) can be intimidating. This is why we created this video to help you disassemble and clean the C712 quickly and efficiently. Our factory-trained and certified technician turned Customer Care Technical Support is here to help you. He shows you how to drain your soft serve machine to disassembly and how to clean your equipment parts thoroughly. 

The Taylor Factory Manual recommends cleaning your soft serve machine twice a week. Proper cleaning procedures will prevent bacteria build-up, reduce equipment downtime, and extend the life of your machine. 

To disassemble the Taylor C712, the following items will be needed:

  • Two cleaning and sanitizing pails
  • Sanitizer/cleaner 
  • Cleaning brushes (provided with machine) 
  • Single-service towels

If you are running low on any of the following items above, contact our Customer Care department for replacements parts to be shipped directly to you.


Phone: 1-800-387-2529

Like a well-run car, we recommend scheduling Planned Maintenance Visit with TFI Canada every other month or quarterly depending on your business’s volume. 

When machines are down, they aren’t making money. Maximize your profitability and enjoy the peace of mind knowing your Taylor equipment is running at peak performance.

To schedule a Planned Maintenance Visit Contact us at:


Phone: 1-800-387-2529

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