Air Fryer Favourites

By Jennifer Sgro-Stovall

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Warmer weather has us dreaming of nights on the patio and dinners al fresco with all our favourite foods. With the introduction of commercial air fryers, restaurants can serve up meals with half the fat and absolutely no oil. From easy appetizers to delicious mains, healthy veggie options and even desserts, air fryers can create plenty of restaurant favourites without the added oil used in conventional frying. 

Top 10 Air Fryer Favourites:

  1. Without question, French fries are the number one air fryer fan favourite. Made without oil, the results are inexplicably crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. 

  2. Normally making an appearance around the holidays, brussels sprouts secured the number two spot because of their candy-like sweetness when air-fried. Sweet and salty, the perfect combination. 

  3. Fried chicken—tenders, popcorn, cutlets or good ol’ southern fried—it doesn’t matter which way you slice it, we’ll take it all. 

  4. Nobody likes an overcooked piece of salmon, and while not super difficult to cook, using no oil and just steam, results in perfectly cooked salmon every time. 

  5. Cheat your way to delicious doughnuts. Use frozen, pre-made biscuit dough and "fry" up a baker's dozen of sweet doughnuts to everyone’s delight. 

  6. Fish and chips—without the side of grease. Enough said. 

  7. Chicken wings in less time than it takes for someone to order take out.  

  8. Typically, empanadas are either fried or baked, but these air-fried pockets of golden deliciousness are even better. Just do not tell your Abuela. 

  9. No more over cooked turkey dinners over here. The air fryer cooks turkey breasts to absolute juicy perfection. 

  10. Mozzarella sticks. No explanation needed! 

Want to start cooking all your favourite dishes, without the added fat, contact us today! 

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