Revolutionize Your Coffee Offering with Franke

Discover unparalleled coffee experiences with Franke® commercial coffee makers. Our advanced Franke coffee machines deliver perfectly crafted coffees, elevating every cup to art. With over 80% gross profit potential and equipment payback in 6-12 months, embrace profitability and innovation in every sip. Explore our range, from the cutting-edge Foammaster™ for trendy cold microfoam to customized milk foam creations. Join the coffee revolution with Franke and TFI – where consistency meets customer satisfaction.

Professional Coffee Making Redefined

Welcome to the future of coffee making with Franke Coffee Systems, brought to you by TFI Food Equipment Solutions. Delivering consistently perfect coffee every time, state-of-the-art Franke® coffee machines generate profitable products that are always delicious and always on-trend. Franke and TFI have raised the bar with coffee making technology and programs that deliver effortlessly consistent, extremely profitable menu items and very satisfied customers. Embrace the future with Franke Coffee Systems – where Swiss precision engineering meets breakthrough technological innovations.

A Barista-Quality Coffee Experience at Your Fingertips

Franke Coffee Systems redefine what's possible in coffee craftsmanship. Equipped with groundbreaking features like iQFlow™, FoamMaster™, and CleanMaster, our coffee machines optimize your coffee service from bean to cup. Enjoy unparalleled consistency, flavor, and customization that meet the highest standards of baristas and coffee enthusiasts alike.

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Tailored to Your Unique Needs

Understanding that no two businesses are the same, Franke offers modular solutions that adapt to you. Our machines provide the flexibility to choose the integrated options and valuable add-ons that best suit your operation, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific requirements.

Key Benefits of Choosing Franke:

  • Maximize Profits: Achieve over 80% gross profit with our popular coffee programs.

  • Quick Paybacks: Enjoy an average equipment payback period of 6-12 months.

  • Innovative Creations: Master the art of trendy cold microfoam with Franke’s FoamMaster™ line.

  • Customized Milk Foam: Produce customized hot or cold milk foam in seconds with intuitive touch-button controls.

Franke Products We Offer

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Did You Know?

  • Our coffee programs are designed for profitability, generating over 80% gross profit per cup.

  • Franke coffee machines are intuitive, paying for themselves within 6-12 months without requiring special skills.

  • Offering on-trend items like gourmet international coffees and cold microfoam can significantly increase your foot traffic.

Step into the Future of Coffee with Franke

With a blend of Swiss precision, innovation, and a deep understanding of your unique business needs, we offer coffee solutions that are not just about machines, but about creating experiences that resonate with your customers. Franke and TFI Food Equipment Solutions invite you to join a community where quality, efficiency, and profitability converge to redefine the coffee landscape. Elevate your coffee offerings and captivate your customers with every cup.

Transform Your Coffee Service Today

Take the next step in your coffee journey. Contact us today to discover how Franke can transform your coffee service and set your business apart. Let's brew success together.

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