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  • Salesperson was always there to answer my questions and help me out, and even would drop into the store periodically and help me with the little links working them out and it's been nothing but great.

    Jim Vaughan-Evans

    Manager, Western Petroleum

  • I wanted a piece of equipment that was going to stand up to the demand that we needed and of course Taylor equipment has certainly been doing that, this past summer I purchased a third new machine which I will have set up for the spring.

    Robert Duffney

    Owner, Papa's Sweet Shop

  • Everybody loves soft serve so it's crazy around home. It's improved the business; I keep my machine running all winter long because I got into the ice cream cakes and the mini-ice cream desserts so that kind of pulls her through the winter months. Its great equipment you can't go wrong by buying it.

    Pam Rennie

    Owner, Oceanview Restaurant & Bakery

  • We bought the three header Taylor ice cream machine, the flavor burst, and the razzle machine. With my experience since 2009, even though we did pay a little bit extra for the machine we had no issues, we had no breakdowns, especially during high volume times which is summertime. To me that means a lot because you're not losing a lot of sales. You need a piece of equipment that's in good working condition during the high-volume seasons.

    Derrick Stuckey

    Owner, North Atlantic Orange Store

  • I think soft ice cream is a great way to entice your sales and your customers and I thought I was bringing the soft ice cream in to make the kids happy, but a lot of Miami kids are 50 and 60 year olds and they grew up with soft serve, so its not only for the kids its for everybody.

    George Dunford

    Owner, G&C Convenience

  • We purchased a soft serve machine, and this was my second season with it. It's helped our business big time, you know our summer season here in Newfoundland has grown since we purchased, we have people come from all over the place and it's talked about online, unbelievably we were surprised but its going good and there's no regrets.

    Lisa Stacey

    Owner, Eastside Gas Bar

  • We purchased our twin double flavor soft serve machine, top of the line unit. Previous to this machine we had different competitor brands but finally made the decision to go ahead with a Taylor. I've been at this long enough to know that this is where we needed to go, Taylor's what we needed.

    Wilfred Janes

    Owner, Crosstown Store

  • The Henny Penny heated food cabinet has made it a lot easier to serve customers, we used to have everything over the counter service, so our hot items had to be served by someone. Being able to do grab and go I think is a real benefit to what we're doing. So far sales have increased, it's been great.

    Peter Sanagan

    Owner, Sanagan's Meat Locker

  • In 2008 I bought the Taylor 713 and it's been an excellent machine, very easy to clean. I have the flavor burst on one side with yogurt, and the flavor burst on the other side with ice cream.

    Linda Smith

    Owner, Ice Cream Hut

  • One of our biggest purchases from TFI was a Henny Penny about three years ago, the big boys use it, so we figure we're gonna run like the big boys. It was really worth the investment.

    Robert Kelly

    Owner, JJ's Caribbean Cuisine

  • We were awarded the best frozen yogurt in Barrie from the readers choice, so I think were doing a good job and we opened to an explosion of business and it's been busy every since. I would highly recommend the Taylor equipment.

    Teresa Woolard

    Owner, Swirleez Frozen Yogurt

  • There is that saying you get what you pay for, and I find with Taylor, as long as you look after and maintain it the way you're suppose to, it could pretty well last forever.

    Lorenzo Bada

    Owner, Sonny's Drive-In

  • I purchased a beautiful coffee machine and another soft serve ice cream machine from TFI. People are coming in for soft ice cream, we don't sell ice milk, we sell real ice cream in our machine, and they love the flavor burst so it has increased sales.

    Barbara Kelly

    Owner, Robin's Drive-Thru

  • I sell a lot more chicken, and the customers are giving very good feedback, and the chicken is less dry too.

    Gerard Chiasson

    Owner, Dixie Lee Family Restaurant

  • In my area there's a lot of Dairy Bars, there's a lot of competition, and if you go around most everybody will have a Taylor. So, when I went looking, I looked for Taylor. I have a lot of different salespeople stop in and tell me theirs is the best and they want me to try theirs. All I think about is ice cream, and when I go for a drive or I go on vacation I stop at every Dairy Bar, and I look and I ask what they have and I try their ice cream, and I got pretty good ice cream ... It's hard to beat a Taylor. Every time I added more equipment, I just made more money and that's the truth, more machines, more money.

    Kevin Biggar

    Owner, Sunny's Dairy Bar

  • Most important was the quality of the machine, and how you can get service and parts for them. If something breaks down and you can't get a part soon your business can't operate, so quality is more important than price.

    Jean Le Blanc

    Owner, Chez Jean Dairy Twirl

  • I got to say the service was great, the guy was awesome, his name was Ryan and we loved him.

    Rhonda Bezanson

    Co-Owner, Pearles in Paradise

  • Of course it costs you a little more, but you know at the end of the day you're getting good results, you're getting good feedback, you're getting good money back. The features are much better, and the service angle is going to be very very good. We talked a lot before buying the machine and it worked out very well.

    Parminder Chhatwal

    Owner, Ishina Distinguished Indian Cuisine

  • You get what you pay for, I've had dealings with Henny Penny in the past, I've got equipment that's over 30 years old and it's still running and it's doing the job. I've had experience with Taylor ice cream equipment in the past, it's easy to work with and I'm happy with it.

    Mary Kingdom

    Owner, Chicken Kingdom & Seafood

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