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Explore the pinnacle of beverage innovation with the Taylor Frozen Carbonated Beverage Freezer Model 349. Get insights into a machine that revolutionizes the way frozen beverages are served.

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Elevate your food service establishment's beverage offerings with the Taylor Model 349 Frozen Carbonated Beverage Freezer. This versatile, four-flavor machine is designed to dispense a variety of frozen carbonated or uncarbonated beverages, from classic slushies to specialty mixed drinks, appealing to a broad customer base. With its pressurized system, the Model 349 ensures a light, fluffy texture with high overrun, while the optional non-pressurized system allows for a wetter slush with lower overrun. Enhance your operation with Taylor® slush machines for consistent quality, high-profit margins, and a crowd-pleasing menu addition.

Taylor Frozen Carbonated Beverage Freezer Models

Discover the innovative Taylor Frozen Carbonated Beverage Freezer Model 349, a state-of-the-art solution designed to enhance your menu with four flavors of delightful frozen carbonated or uncarbonated beverages, perfectly catering to diverse customer tastes and preferences.

Model 349

Frozen Carbonated Beverage Freezer – Four Flavour

The Taylor Model 349 Frozen Carbonated Beverage Freezer stands out as a versatile and efficient solution for any food service establishment looking to diversify their beverage offerings with up to four flavors of frozen carbonated or uncarbonated drinks. This machine promises to deliver beverages with a light, fluffy texture or a wetter slush to cater to various customer preferences, making it a valuable addition to your operation.

Technical Specifications of Model 349

Note: For precise specifications and detailed information, please refer to the manufacturer's documentation. Click the button below to view additional resources about this model:

Manufacturer Specs

General Specifications



Electrical Connection

One dedicated connection; consult local codes for cord & receptacle specifications

Beater Motor

Two, 1/4 HP

Refrigeration System

Two, 14,000 BTU/hr compressors; R404A refrigerant

Potable Water Pressure

Minimum 25 PSI

Air Cooled Clearance

Minimum 6” (152 mm) around all sides

Water Cooled Connections

Water inlet and drain connections under side of base 1/2” FPT





Standard option

Non-pressurized, Remote Condenser

High Capacity with two, 18,000 BTU/hr Compressors

Side Cup Dispensers

Accessory option

Syrup Tank Fittings

For using syrup in tanks

Water Cooled, Hi Capacity

Two, 17,000 BTU/hr compressors (nominal rating)

Weights and Dimensions



Net Weight

765 lbs (347.0 kg)

Crated Weight

847 lbs (384.2 kg)


67.8 cu. ft. (1.92 cu. m.)


31-3/8" (797 mm)


40-3/8" (1026 mm)


56-13/16" (1443 mm)

Floor Clearance (Water Cooled)

6-1/4" (159 mm)

Floor Clearance (Air Cooled)

2-3/4" (70 mm)

Key Features and Benefits of Taylor Model 349 Frozen Carbonated Beverage Freezer

  • Versatile Dispensing: Offers up to four flavors, satisfying diverse customer preferences.

  • High Overrun Slush Product: Delivers a light, fluffy texture thanks to its pressurized system.

  • Clear, Self-Closing Dispensing Doors: Ensures efficient operation and hygiene with easy-to-use draw handles and round dispensing nozzles.

  • Advanced Electronic Control: Equipped with Slushtech™ for optimal refrigeration regulation based on product viscosity and includes self-diagnostic features for easy serviceability.

  • Efficient Carbonation System: A self-contained system that supplies carbonated water at the set pressure, ensuring consistent drink quality.

  • Energy and Operation Efficiency: Features automatic defrost cycles, power saver modes, and programmable defrost settings for independent freezing cylinders.

  • Maintenance and Safety: Removable air filters for easy cleaning and optimal performance, with indicator lights and audible alarms for operational alerts.

User Experience and Usability

The Model 349 is designed with the end-user in mind, featuring intuitive controls for ease of use, and self-closing dispensing doors for convenience and hygiene. The machine's clear dispensing doors and round nozzles are perfectly designed to fit domed lids, enhancing customer service efficiency. With optional features like side cup dispensers and syrup tank fittings, the Model 349 is customizable to fit the unique needs of your operation.


The Taylor Slush Machine Model 349 is an exceptional addition to any food service operation looking to expand its beverage menu with high-margin, frozen carbonated drinks. Offering versatility, efficiency, and quality with each use, this machine is designed to meet the rigorous demands of busy establishments while ensuring customer satisfaction and profitability. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly design, the Model 349 is the perfect solution for enhancing your beverage offerings and driving sales.

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Frozen Carbonated Beverage Freezers

Explore the pinnacle of beverage innovation with the Taylor Frozen Carbonated Beverage Freezer Model 349. Get insights into a machine that revolutionizes the way frozen beverages are served.


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