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TFI Presents: The Perfect Serving with Sweet Jesus

By Jennifer Sgro-Stovall

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Their Glow-Up Story

From their first store in 2015 in Toronto to global expansion within the next four, Sweet Jesus has blown up.

They were awarded with Bronze in the Awards of Excellence Traditional Franchises at the 2019 CFA Convention Awards Gala this spring. In addition to the Franchisees’ Choice Designation for 2019. There’s nothing but blue skies for them in the future as they are becoming one of Canada’s fastest growing franchise brands.

Brand Identity

With over 100,000 #sweetjesus hashtags and 115K Instagram followers, the franchise has become a foodie staple to try out. They are known as a leader in the specialty frozen dessert market from their expansion strategy to their design, marketing, and their brand aesthetics. When customers hear the name ‘Sweet Jesus’, they can recall the bright blue , its pimped out soft serve cones, and its neon sign. Their feature in multiple articles and blog posts such as: View The Vibe, BlogTO, Fashion Magazine, Hot Wire, Daily Hive, Narcity, The Culture Trip, and many more is a result of their strategic marketing plan to create a strong brand identity for their business to be associated as one of Toronto’s Most Instagrammable Foods. If you remove the logo or even the the product themselves, customers would be able to recognize its branding. That’s how you know it’s good brand identity.

Taylor Model C712

Sweet Jesus has 20+ stores and the Taylor Model C712 Soft Serve Machine can be seen behind EVERY. SINGLE. COUNTER. The C712 is reliable and provides high production during their rushes creating good consistent product for every cone. By having two machines, they are able to provide their traditional flavours: chocolate and vanilla; as well as rotating seasonal flavours on the second machine. The high volume, pressurized machine is able to keep up with the growing lines while ensuring consistent product and performance.

Stay tuned for our next post coming out and how we can help you create The Perfect Serving.

*SWEET JESUS and the Sweet Jesus logo are trademarks owned by Holy Sweet Canada Inc.Serving.

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