The Inside Scoop on Gourmet Soft Serve

By Jennifer Sgro-Stovall

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From out-of-this-world flavours to over-the-top cone creations, our love affair with this frosty treat only grows.

Gourmet soft serve has catapulted itself into a dessert destination all on its own. It's no longer just the classic vanilla, chocolate or twist cones of childhoods past, doled out by the ice cream trucks that cruised the neighbourhoods of North American cities blasting the essential anthem of summer—and every child's dream song—or by a teenager toiling behind the counter at the local ice cream shop. One should never pass up the opportunity to procure this delicious treat, especially in summer, and now, gourmet soft serve pushes customers to be open to new ideas and flavour pairings because ice cream is universal - something everyone loves and understand

Starting with the most basic of ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, vanilla, and a natural emulsifier will create what some will say is the most incredible flavour in the world. Despite those who think it's mint-chocolate chip (we don't know those people), there can be no denying that the classic vanilla flavour provides the perfect base to take soft-serve—super whipped to make it creamier and yet stiffer than traditional ice cream—to the next level.

Not only does soft-serve allow for unconventional pairings (earl grey, maple rosemary or toasted marshmallow, to name a few), but since it's on-demand, soft serve is always at its freshest when serving. Soft serve ice cream machines keep the product at the perfect holding temperatures without exposure to air, making each service as fresh as the last one. Paired with hand-dipped waffle cones and dipped in heated flavour toppings or infused with a burst of flavours and topped with sweet tufts of cotton candy or an artisanal biscotti, there's no denying that soft serve is in a league all its own.

Check out what these businesses are doing

Eva's Original Chimney

Churning out their signature hand-rolled dough made with only seven ingredients is Eva's Original Chimney. Apple crumble, PB&J, chocolate almond and more lets customers build their own soft serve dream cone.

Tom's Dairy Freeze

Serving up the classics since 1969, the iconic Tom's Dairy Freeze is known for super silky soft serve in a classic range of flavours and dips like blue raspberry, butterscotch and chocolate.

Bar Ape Gelato

Boasting a rotating gelato soft serve, Bar Ape Gelato's menu features innovative flavours such as pear, pumpkin seed, rhubarb, brown sugar, or gooseberry and switches up their offerings every Wednesday during the season.

Sweet Jesus

With names like Bangin' Brownie, Bounty Killah and Krusty the Cone, Sweet Jesus is taking soft serve beyond with all the extras, including marshmallows, cotton candy, red velvet and even cream cheese icing.

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