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The Rise of The Restaurant Meal Kit

By Jennifer Sgro-Stovall

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How Home Meal Replacement kits are helping sustain an industry and fulfill the love of restaurant dining

Made with love. Three little words with so much impact, especially in a time where we are encouraged to stay at home and stay six feet apart.

For so many, there's nothing more comforting right now than food. The smell of a cooked-to-perfection meal or the first bite of your favourite dish can transport you back to simpler times, times spent with family and loved ones over holiday dinners, life milestones celebrated together at favourite restaurants. Regardless of the impact this ever-changing world has had on us, one thing remains true. Food - no matter how it is shared - will always bring us together.

Staying In Is The New Eating Out

With indoor dining out of the question, and patio dining limited, restaurants of all sizes continue to face a huge undertaking. How can they remain open, retain staff and still get the meals their customers have come to love into their hands without losing flavour and maintaining quality-restaurant standards. Pivoting to meet these challenges required out-of-the-box thinking--or ahem--putting it in the box, literally.

Meal replacement kits have been popular for years. They offered convenience to the busy, working family or individuals on the go, a healthier option to fast food. Large chain stores became a one-stop-shop for groceries and a prepared meal.

Now more than ever, people want connection without leaving their house to shop, and what better way to achieve that, than sharing a home-cooked meal. Friends, families, and couples can now order a read-to-make-meal or DIY kit from their favourite restaurant, pop on to Zoom, FaceTime, or Hangouts and still share a meal with loved ones. We're thinking a Zoom Christmas with all the fixings doesn't sound all that bad. Bonus: everyone gets their own favourite side dish, and it sure beats arguing about whose turn it is to do the dishes!

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