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Introducing the Henny Penny Space$aver™ Plus SmartCombi™ Combi-steamer, Model ESC-610, expertly designed for professional kitchens requiring high-efficiency, versatile cooking solutions in compact spaces.

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The Henny Penny Model ESC-610 epitomizes the innovative spirit of the Space$aver™Plus SmartCombi™ series, designed to maximize kitchen efficiency without compromising on cooking quality. With its narrow footprint and capability to accommodate a variety of pan sizes, this combi oven is ideal for kitchens with limited space but unlimited culinary ambitions.

Space$aver™Plus SmartCombi™ Combi-steamer Model

Henny Penny SmartCombi combi ovens use moist heat and dry heat, either separately or in combination, to produce the ideal cooking conditions for a wide variety of foods. The Space$aver Plus takes advantage of a narrow footprint that can still accept 5 full-size steam table pans lengthwise.

Model ESC-610

Henny Penny bridges the gap between boiler and boilerless combis with patent-pending Advanced Steam Technology.™ This system creates large amounts of steam in the cooking cabinet quickly without the deliming and maintenance issues of a boiler.

Technical Specifications of Model ESC-610

Note: For precise specifications and detailed information, please refer to the manufacturer's documentation. Click the button below to view additional resources about this model:

Manufacturer Specs







Space$aver™Plus SmartCombi™

Power Source



5 Pans

Dimensions & Clearances




27 7/8 in. (708 mm)


21 5/8 in. (550 mm)


32 1/8 in. (815 mm)

Required Clearances

Left: 20 in. (500 mm), Right: 2 in. (50 mm), Back: 2 in. (50 mm), Front: 22 in. (700 mm)

Water & Electrical Connections

  • Water Connections: ¾ in. standard and soft water connections, 1 ½ in. (40 mm) drain.

  • Pan Capacity: 5 full-size steam table pans or 6 half-size sheet pans.

  • Power & Electrical: Connected load of 7.8 kW with options for both single and three-phase power.

Optimal Cooking Flexibility and Efficiency

Advanced Cooking Modes:

Featuring steaming, convection cooking, combination cooking, and rethermalizing to cater to a wide range of food preparation needs.

Advanced Steam Technology™:

Patent-pending technology ensures quick steam generation, enhancing cooking speed and quality without the maintenance hassles of traditional boilers.

ClimaSelect™ Climate Control:

Allows precise control of humidity levels within the cabinet, ensuring the perfect cooking environment for any dish.

User-Friendly Operation for Peak Performance

Chef’sTouch Control:

Full control is at your fingertips with a 7-inch tap/swipe display, offering easy access to programs and apps for a streamlined cooking process.

SmartMenu™ Navigation:

Intuitive menu selection through pictograms and simple CombiDial controls make setting up cooking programs effortless.

WaveClean™ Self-Cleaning System:

Reduces water and detergent use, simplifying the cleaning process while maintaining hygiene and equipment longevity.

Customizable and Compact for Every Kitchen

The ESC-610 not only brings Henny Penny's renowned cooking performance to kitchens with limited space but also offers customization with options for stands, door configurations, and rail setups. Whether it's for steaming vegetables to perfection, baking crispy pastries, or executing delicate sous-vide techniques, the Space$aver™Plus SmartCombi™ is engineered to elevate the cooking experience in any professional kitchen setting.

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