Think Soft Serve!

By Jennifer Sgro-Stovall

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Find out how Soft Serve can earn you 70% – 80% profit!

Consider this: approximately 90%1 of the 36+ million Canadians2 today eat ice cream. Of those, 70%3 eat soft serve. That comes to a whopping 22+ million soft serve consumers in Canada. You might want to consider tapping into that market to increase traffic through your door and boost profits.

Soft Serve is a Highly Profitable Business

At a 70-80% profit margin, you should be able to amortize your soft serve investment within the first year and half. Build an ongoing relationship with your customers to keep them coming back year-round. The soft serve business grew an impressive 18%4 from 2011-2015. Make sure that you’re the one customers are thinking of when the craving hits. And consider offering a diversified menu, including ice cream-and-coffee combos, or an espresso to go with the cone to keep your customers coming back.

Garnishes and Specialty Flavours Will Set Your Business Apart

Differentiate your soft serve business by adding gourmet and fun flavours, dips and toppings to your offerings. Flavours like Mexican horchata, and other sweet and spicy mixes can entice the adult palate, while swirls and sprinkles will please the young and young at heart. You can also create favorites like sundaes, hand-spun shakes and razzles, cakes, and signature frozen novelties from a single flavor soft serve machine. And don’t forget to promote the different types of soft serve available, like ice milk, ice cream, yogurt, vegan options, and the health benefits of the different ingredients. Suggesting new reasons to indulge in soft serve, such as post-workout, afternoon snack or even as a breakfast alternative is another way to drive sales.

No Need for Specialized Staff or Excessive Space

The average footprint of a soft serve ice cream machine is less than one square meter and some are less than 50 centimeters wide – that’s less than your average chip display stand. The setup is a breeze and done by qualified technicians who will also provide all the training that is needed for these user-friendly machines.

Start with the Right Equipment

A good soft serve ice cream machine will deliver top quality output with fewer cleanings. Some models need to be cleaned only once a week. Consider investing in a quality machine that will require less of your staff’s attention. And as for service and maintenance, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning and service guidelines to make sure you get maximum mileage from your equipment. Choose a supplier that has a strong network of capable technicians with the parts they need to look after your investment.

Ready to Get Started?

Getting started is easier than you think. We can assist you with planning and customizing options to best suit your operational goals. We have professionals to install the equipment, provide training and after sales support, as well as service and parts. With traffic-building popularity and generous gross profit, there’s a Taylor® ice cream machine or frozen yogurt program to fit every operation.

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