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Why do successful restaurants use Taylor two-sided grills?

Revolutionary Taylor® two-sided cooking equipment, grills homemade burgers (fresh or frozen), juicy chicken and trendy sandwiches two-thirds faster than traditional flat grills, saving considerable time and resources. The latest in efficiency, safety and productivity, Taylor’s two-sided cooking equipment produces perfectly grilled food faster and easier.

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  • Add a grill program to your business and cook 66% faster
  • Cook perfect food easily with pre-set temperatures, programmable cook times and uniform pressure
  • Achieve consistent output and ensure food safety with precise, one-touch menu settings

Electric Grills

Model L812

Electric Two-Sided Grill with Two Upper Platens

Model L828

Electric Two-Sided Grill with One Upper Platen

Gas Grills

Model L819

Gas Lower Cook Surface / Electric Two–Sided Grill with Two Upper Platens
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